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Jade Gua Sha


Create a soothing skincare ritual that goes back centuries.

Our flat gua sha massage tool is made from pure jade (a stone that naturally stays cool to help brighten your complexion and promote blood circulation). The facial art of gua sha goes back hundreds of years to the Ming Dynasty and is considered one of the oldest forms of traditional Chinese Medicine. Used in combination with a skin oil, the jade tool is used to massage the skin in outward and upward strokes to help encourage lymphatic drainage and improve circulation. This helps keep your skin healthy-looking and glowing, as it also reduces puffiness and alleviates tension. You can experiment with the various edges to discover which feels the best on your face and décolletage.

This special face massage can be performed daily as a special way to create a soothing self-care ritual. Many people prefer a morning massage, helping reduce overnight puffiness that can occur on the face. While others treat gua sha massage as an evening indulgence to reduce any tension built up throughout the day.

Jade stone

Apply your favourite skincare oil over your face—we use the MPENZY Body Oil, which is light enough to be used on the face as well as the body. Next, press and drag the tool across your face in an outward and upward motion. Make sure to hit your jawline, cheeks and forehead). For even more circulation-boosting, you can use the gua sha massage tool on your neck, décolletage and shoulders. The massage motion works the oil deeply into the skin, while having a beneficial effect on lymph drainage.

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