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Hemp Seed Oil is there for you no matter what you ask of it. Moisturize. Nourish. Protect. Calm. Day in and day out, it’s your tried and true.

Kinda like your BFF in a bottle.

This exquisitely rich oil lusciously moisturizes, nourishes, balances and calms skin, while protecting against environmental damage. A member of the cannabis family, Hemp Seed Oil helps skin look radiant, thanks to its abundance in antioxidants and essential fatty acids omega-3, omega-6 and gamma linolenic acid (GLA). One of the most nutritious oils around, it is full of vitamins B, D, E and F, along with amino acids, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium to help create sublimely glowing results for all skin types.

The Truth About Ingredients The Truth About Ingredients Say goodbye to synthetics. Because the truth is, when it comes to having amazing skin, everything we need is found in nature. In exploring which ingredients MPENZY truly adores, it’s essential to discover which ones we vehemently avoid. Because some things simply shouldn’t be in skincare. LEARN WHAT TO AVOID