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Shea Butter

Our skin doesn’t need fancy, futuristic, lab-created ingredients. Shea Butter has been used for thousands of years and works just as good on us as it did on Cleopatra.

Well, that’s the rumour anyway.

Used for thousands of years, Shea Butter is exquisitely moisturizing and effectively softens rough patches and dry skin. It’s abundant in stearic and oleic acids, and contains vitamins A, E and K, to help skin produce more collagen, maintaining its suppleness and elasticity. These nutrients also protect skin from harmful UV rays to help prevent sun damage, for brighter skin and youthful softness. Shea Butter has been shown to provide anti-inflammatory properties, helping heal scrapes, rashes and sunburns.

The Truth About Ingredients The Truth About Ingredients Say goodbye to synthetics. Because the truth is, when it comes to having amazing skin, everything we need is found in nature. In exploring which ingredients MPENZY truly adores, it’s essential to discover which ones we vehemently avoid. Because some things simply shouldn’t be in skincare. LEARN WHAT TO AVOID